Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Film festival

Tuesday 24 November 24.11.15

Yesterday all of the people at Pt England School went to the hall to go and watch  our Manaiakalani Film festival.the first thing we had to do is look at  Mr Burt told us to sit back and watch the Film festival. My favourite movie was room 13s. I felt amazing and wonderful. It was about growing up.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Trip to the museum

Monday 9th November

On  Thursday all of the villeins people were going to the breeze. Then we were talking in the breeze. The we went on the bus to go to the museum. Then we hope off the bus and went to go in the eating room. Then we had to go to our helper and go find the things at the museum. We also took some photos of us. Then we went for a walk we also went in the green house. We also rolled over the and did our work sheet.Then  we went back inside the Kia room  we ate our Kia then we finished eating we had to go and have some fun we Went in the mindcraf place.