Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Green Eggs and Ham

My favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham  that Mr Jacobson read to us on the TV he chrome cast  it because he didn't find a book. My favorite was when Sam keeps on annoying  his cousin.Sam's cousin did not eat the green eggs and green ham. On the last bit Sam's cousin had a try of the green egg and the green ham He said to Sam that he loved it.When he love it he said" to Sam he would it eat  on a tree,he would eat it on a bus,he would eat it on the train and he would eat it everywhere.I liked the one when Mr Jacobson was funny when Sam and the cousin was in the water and Mr Jacobson sound like a 
fish.He was reading the book  from Dr Seuss.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Our Manaiakalani Film Festival

Arriving at school I was nervous and we had 10 minutes to play. Then we went on the bus and it took so long to go to Sylvia park. When we arrived at Sylvia park there was a lot of people crowded all around. I sat down on a chair and i was watching on a big screen and my favorite was Miss Eadie and  it was so fun watching the Manaiakalani.

When we finished watching the Manaiakalani there was 2 school waiting for us and it was Tamaki primary and the other school was SPX. We went through the shops and went down the stairs and there were a lot of people going down the stairs then we went through these shops.Some of us went on the cool bus and some went on the kids bus.I went on the kids bus because there were a lot of people on the cool bus but the cool bus and 1 of the kid bus were full and the cool bus were full.

When we were going to school we saw the big kids on the kids bus.When we arrived at school we went into the hall and talk about something and then we went back to class and are our morning tea and after when the bell ringed we did inquiry and it was watching the movie.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

I'm learning my times tables!

2x, 4x, 11x Table quiz


You can just write the answer.

You can just

There are more questions on the next page.

File:Purple arrow down.svg
Insert image of working here. Use whiteboard.
Nov 16, 2016 12:06:18 PM.jpg
Nov 16, 2016 12:11:22 PM.jpg
Nov 16, 2016 12:13:19 PM.jpg
Nov 16, 2016 12:16:35 PM.jpg
Nov 16, 2016 12:17:35 PM.jpg
Nov 16, 2016 12:19:22 PM.jpg
Nov 16, 2016 12:20:55 PM.jpg

write the answer.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Use your imagination

Why was Clare bored?
Because she was sick of watching tv and mum spent her time on the computer.
Why did Clare change her mind about going to the library?
She change her mind because her mum told to go to the library but she thought that reading was boring.
Why was Claare going to be late home?
Because she promised her mum that she will be home at 12.00 clock.
How did Clare control where she was going when she was flying?
Clare headed down through the clod,hopping her mother would see her land on the lawn
Describe the place where Clare landed?
She landed on the bridge
Why do you think no one was in the boats?
She walked aross the bridge.Boats glided up and down the river,but there were no people in the streets.Slowly she climbed the steps to one of th building and knocked onthe door.Someone said csme in said a vocie that sounded familiar.Clare opened the the door inside a women was sitting on a cushin i a room full of bokkes.
Why do you think the author decide to have Clare’s mum surrounded by books?
Because she wanted her daughter to read more books because she liked reading some so that's why mum bring her some books because she was on the T.V.
What is the main message of this story?

Draw your own imaginary place. Write 1-2 sentences describing the place and 1-2 sentences explaining what you do there and how you would feel being their.

My imaginary is i want to live in cake world.I would love to go cake world because it is really yummy and I will love it because I love choclate cake.


At cake world where you eat cake everyday.The cakes will banana cake,chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake and my favorite is the chocolate cake.   
When it is the morning I would eat all of the chocolate cake. I will BE SO FREAKY BECAUSE it is chocolate cake.

On Tuesday we read book called use your imagination I liked the book because sometimes i do not like reading chapter books.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Butter Making

The Bush

There was four  boys who was riding there bikes they always go to the bush and rides their bikes.
Sometime when they come back from the bush they always hungry from riding their bikes and yawn a lot to their mother so after when they finished eating they all  went to bed and they all went to sleep.The next morning the four boys went to the kitchen and put some food in his bucket so off they went.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ginger beer

Today we opened our Ginger beer and everybody Ginger beer ex poled and my team Ginger beer  didn't ex plod.  

Friday, 21 October 2016

Runaway Robot

In a dark cave there was a robot and there was a man called Mau.  Mau was so mad at the robot so Mau locked the robot in the cave.So there was only  one way to get out of the cave and it was a window up high.

So he got a ladder and he climbed up and he keeps on  falling down. So when Mau saw the robot climbing the ladder.  Mau came and went to get the robot down the ladder  and he started climbing the ladder and Mau got the robot and then Mau said you are going to stay here for 10 weeks.

After 10 weeks Mau said to the robot you can go now. So the robot was really happy that he got out of the dark cave so when his stomach started making a noise he saw and the robot ate . The robot bought a chicken and a glass of juice.

When he went back home he was so proud  that he got out of the dark cave and he was so happy that he saw his mum.

When his dad came back from work he looked at the front door and he went to go hug his dad.  When they finished hugging each other the robot was tired so he went upstairs and hopped on his bed and went straight away to sleep.      

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

cess mad scientist

Once upon a time there was a girl who was a scientist her name was Miss Vaia. She had a slave who whenever she needs something she will get it for Miss Vaia.

Miss Vaia was trying to make a machine.    

In a laboratory there was an explosion and Miss Vaia  face was all  black. The explosion was really scary. When Miss Vaia got scared her slave would sing to her. When she was walking to Miss Vaia she opened her eyes wide and she saw Miss Vaia really scared so she went and helped her.

Miss Vaia slave was crying and she went to Miss Vaia. She took Miss Vaia phone and she called the ambulance.The ambulance came and saved Miss Vaia and her slave.They had to go to hospital they arrived to the hospital and went to go and clean her face. Also she had a scar all over her face.

Friday, 23 September 2016

My Duffy Award

                                               Today  i got a Duffy award for trying my best in writing.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Super friends

Wonder women is a nice woman she became a fabulous women in the whole wide world she became fabulous because she always would be there to save the day.

When bad people destroyed the city and the whole wide world and Wonder woman will come and save the whole wide world because of the bad people and wonder women will save the city and the whole wide world.

A few hours later maleficent took a baby and Wonder woman was looking at the telescope and she walked fast to rescue the little boy and Wonder women went to give the baby to the lady and she went back were maleficent was she kick maleficent and maleficent click her hand and she was gone and wonder women didn't see her and she went back to her place.

3 minutes ago she saw the Joker stealing money from the police station and the police driving his car and wonder women got the money and she save the day and now  she was on newspaper and everybody like wonder women because she was famous.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Coubertin


After a gap of  hundreds of years the Olympics  returned to Athens in 1896.The reason behind the recreation of the Olympics was because of one man  Pierre de Coubertin. He admired the Greek ideas of  fitness and sporty communities of most different competitiveness and  he had  hopped that the modern olympics will bring countries closer  together.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis

1.At the start Ben Johnson had huge muscles. He was competing in the Olympics 100m sprint. Ben Johnson was from Canada.

2.All eyes were on two men because no one wanted to  watched the people  that running   they just wanted to watch Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis because they were so far ahead.Ben Johnson broke the world record.he was competing in Olympics.


Ben  Johnson didn't get the gold medal because he used drugs so the president took it off Ben Jhonson and gave it to Carl Lewis. They tasted the urine in a little cup.Carl Lewis came 1st in the 100 sprint because he didn’t use drugs.

Friday, 19 August 2016


With great joy the Greeks defeated the Persians in Marathon. Pheidippides went to Athens to tell them that they had won the war.
Over rocky mountains Pheidippides was feeling hot and tired. had to run Pheidippides 42km to share the good news to Athens that they won.  
Joy we won shouted Pheidippides as he  fell over and died.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Olympic Flame

... ceremony-olympic flame.jpg

The ancient Greeks started the tradition of having an Olympic flame.In Olympia a sacred flame is lit by the sun's rays and stays alight until the games have ended.The flame symbolized a request for protection from Zeus and the athletes’ struggles for victory.

The modern flame symbolizes the light of the spirit, knowledge and life.To this day, the torch is still lit in Olympia in Greece, Then carried by a relay team, passing runner to runner, until it reaches the host-city of the games.There, the cauldron will be lit and stay alight until the closing ceremony.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Ancient Olympics

The Olympics began two and a half thousand years ago In Athens Greece.  In those days Greece was made up of Several different states Including Athens,  Sparta and Corinth and they were often at war with each other.  But when the games were on they held a Truce.  This great event was  held in a place  called Olympia and this is why the games are called the Olympics.They were held once every four years in honour of Zeus lord of all the gods.  Eventually the Athens Olympics were abolished by the Roman Emperor Theodosius the 1st he was Christian and didn't like the games because they dedicated to a pagan
God.  But the Olympics were always remembered as a symbol of human achievement and peace.

Friday, 8 July 2016

My artwork.

Creating my artwork made me  feel so proud  because it will make my mum and dad very very proud.  Making my artwork made me feel excited because art is my favorite thing to do.
Most of all I enjoyed painting because that was my favourite part of the whole process of my art.I like using different shapes and colours. What I found hard was vivid because it's very hard to outline with black on your art.I was getting stuck when I was doing my black outline on my trees and windows. What can I do next time I made a bump on the trees. Also I will try to think to make my art better and creative. The most  interesting part was spending time with my friends.Also painting and drawing with my friends next to me.I learned about painting carefully on lines and i learned about vivid too. I really enjoy washing the paint brush.

My dream bed room

Te Tuhi

Walking off the bus we got inside Te Tuhi. There was  a man his  name was Jeremy.He told  us to follow him   to the art places and we were doing dream  house out of shapes.  We glued it in a blue cardboard  with triangles and squares. Also we out lined it with black  vivid all over the shape we also  create  it  with  pencil. After that we followed  Jeremy  to  this dark room with a TV in there.  We followed Jeremy to this other room with  a tv in there we were watching Three men making metal. After that we went to go and eat. When we finished eating we hopped back in the bus the boys were very loud.We hopped off the bus and we ate some more food.

Te Tuhi Art

Walking off the bus we got inside Te Tuhi. There was  a man his  name was Jeremy.He told  us to follow him   to the art places and we were doing dream  house out of shapes.  We glued it in a blue cardboard  with triangles and squares. Also we out lined it with black  vivid all over the shape we also  create  it  with  pencil. After that we followed  Jeremy  to  this dark room with a TV in there.  We followed Jeremy to this other room with  a tv in there we were watching Three men making metal. After that we went to go and eat. When we finished eating we hopped back in the bus the boys were very loud.We hopped off the bus and we ate some more food.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Colosseum

2000 years ago the  Colosseum  got built but now it is very old.  In the Colosseum gladiators fight. The Colosseum is in  Italy the king sits down on his chair at the top of the Colosseum. The people who goes to the Colosseum they use  to  watch the fights.

Friday, 1 July 2016

My Duffy Award book.

Jul 1, 2016 12:09:49 PM.jpg

I love Duffy books because it helps me learn. Thank you Duffy. Love from Cess.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Rotational Symmetry

This Rotational Symmetry when you turn a shape  around and it looks the same.

Here is the 9 of

here is a 5 one

here is one of 6

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fiafia night

Waiting for the Niuean group to finish I was feeling nervous. Once it was the tongan girls turn to go  on the stage. I was  so happy for the the  tougan  grils. My costume was bright and I had a white taki it was so funky.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Swimming

In the warm pool I was doing freestyle with my friends.  Swimming in the water I was splashing with my friends.  I love swimming because I like playing with my friends in the pool.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The bombs

Quickly the old man did six flips and the boy said “man are you ok? “ “and the old man said “ yes, i’m fine.”