Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Use your imagination

Why was Clare bored?
Because she was sick of watching tv and mum spent her time on the computer.
Why did Clare change her mind about going to the library?
She change her mind because her mum told to go to the library but she thought that reading was boring.
Why was Claare going to be late home?
Because she promised her mum that she will be home at 12.00 clock.
How did Clare control where she was going when she was flying?
Clare headed down through the clod,hopping her mother would see her land on the lawn
Describe the place where Clare landed?
She landed on the bridge
Why do you think no one was in the boats?
She walked aross the bridge.Boats glided up and down the river,but there were no people in the streets.Slowly she climbed the steps to one of th building and knocked onthe door.Someone said csme in said a vocie that sounded familiar.Clare opened the the door inside a women was sitting on a cushin i a room full of bokkes.
Why do you think the author decide to have Clare’s mum surrounded by books?
Because she wanted her daughter to read more books because she liked reading some so that's why mum bring her some books because she was on the T.V.
What is the main message of this story?

Draw your own imaginary place. Write 1-2 sentences describing the place and 1-2 sentences explaining what you do there and how you would feel being their.

My imaginary is i want to live in cake world.I would love to go cake world because it is really yummy and I will love it because I love choclate cake.


At cake world where you eat cake everyday.The cakes will banana cake,chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake and my favorite is the chocolate cake.   
When it is the morning I would eat all of the chocolate cake. I will BE SO FREAKY BECAUSE it is chocolate cake.

On Tuesday we read book called use your imagination I liked the book because sometimes i do not like reading chapter books.

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