Friday, 18 November 2016

Our Manaiakalani Film Festival

Arriving at school I was nervous and we had 10 minutes to play. Then we went on the bus and it took so long to go to Sylvia park. When we arrived at Sylvia park there was a lot of people crowded all around. I sat down on a chair and i was watching on a big screen and my favorite was Miss Eadie and  it was so fun watching the Manaiakalani.

When we finished watching the Manaiakalani there was 2 school waiting for us and it was Tamaki primary and the other school was SPX. We went through the shops and went down the stairs and there were a lot of people going down the stairs then we went through these shops.Some of us went on the cool bus and some went on the kids bus.I went on the kids bus because there were a lot of people on the cool bus but the cool bus and 1 of the kid bus were full and the cool bus were full.

When we were going to school we saw the big kids on the kids bus.When we arrived at school we went into the hall and talk about something and then we went back to class and are our morning tea and after when the bell ringed we did inquiry and it was watching the movie.

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