Friday, 21 October 2016

Runaway Robot

In a dark cave there was a robot and there was a man called Mau.  Mau was so mad at the robot so Mau locked the robot in the cave.So there was only  one way to get out of the cave and it was a window up high.

So he got a ladder and he climbed up and he keeps on  falling down. So when Mau saw the robot climbing the ladder.  Mau came and went to get the robot down the ladder  and he started climbing the ladder and Mau got the robot and then Mau said you are going to stay here for 10 weeks.

After 10 weeks Mau said to the robot you can go now. So the robot was really happy that he got out of the dark cave so when his stomach started making a noise he saw and the robot ate . The robot bought a chicken and a glass of juice.

When he went back home he was so proud  that he got out of the dark cave and he was so happy that he saw his mum.

When his dad came back from work he looked at the front door and he went to go hug his dad.  When they finished hugging each other the robot was tired so he went upstairs and hopped on his bed and went straight away to sleep.      

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