Friday, 8 July 2016

My artwork.

Creating my artwork made me  feel so proud  because it will make my mum and dad very very proud.  Making my artwork made me feel excited because art is my favorite thing to do.
Most of all I enjoyed painting because that was my favourite part of the whole process of my art.I like using different shapes and colours. What I found hard was vivid because it's very hard to outline with black on your art.I was getting stuck when I was doing my black outline on my trees and windows. What can I do next time I made a bump on the trees. Also I will try to think to make my art better and creative. The most  interesting part was spending time with my friends.Also painting and drawing with my friends next to me.I learned about painting carefully on lines and i learned about vivid too. I really enjoy washing the paint brush.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Quincess that's a cool picture and i like the colours in it i hope you had fun making this and i also like how you coloured your words in.

    By Zamera