Monday, 13 March 2017

About the pincic

About the picnic

On Friday we were having a picnic first we got our hat and our bag. When we got our hat and our bag we lined up to go to the hall.
When we got there Mr Burt was talking about safety and right time  and right place right attitude. When Mr Burt  finished talking he the year 7-8 went first to the beach but Mr Burt was in front of the year 7-8 then it went like year 5-6 then the year 4-3 and then the year 1-2 and Mrs Niue was at the back of the year 1-2. When we all got to the beach we had to sit down and listen to Mr Burt because he was talking again about s about safety and right time  and right place. Then we went to go put our bags away and then we went to go play and have some fun. The year 1-2 was going swimming first and then the year 3-4 then the year 5-6 and the last ones are the year 7-8 went to go swim. Also we did Karaoke then we finished Karaoke and we got our bags and we we all the way to school. Then Mr Burt told everybody to came and sit down where we first stared at the beach. Then we all walked back to school. When we got to school we had to go back to class.Then the bell ringed it was for home time.

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