Thursday, 13 April 2017

A story about a bird.

Once upon a time the big  brown bird was flapping his wings to find some food for his family. Suddenly the big bird heard a sound because he was standing on the cliff and the big bird flapped his wings so he didn't fall on the ground. After when he got up the big bird went to go and sit on a rock and his stomach made a noise and he didn’t find any food  so he went in the the sea and he saw a fish and he ate some of the fish . The big bird  was so bored and he went home to see his mum and his dad. The next day the big bird woke up and he  rushed down to the kitchen to see if there was some food and then he look at the fridge and there were inset but it was died and there was bread and there was some water and he found some fish he ate all of it and mum and dad woke up and they look in the fridge  and they didn't see any food so big bird hide the fish and mum and dad said to big bird did you eat the fish said mum and dad big bird said nope i haven't seen them . There house  was made of rocks and some leafs and also some paper.

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