Monday, 3 July 2017

My Matariki writing

First of all
We had to go and line up for assembly and Kauri Flats School came to our school and  they were talking about flounder.
Next  When kauri flats school finished talking about flounder some of the kapa haka had to go on the stage and dance and sing.
After that  when all the  kapa haka finished there thing we had to go back to our class and get our bag and sit down so our teacher can do the roll and we all split into group for matariki.

Later on
We had to get like a sticker from miss  Buchanan and we had to go to that class that was on the sticker.
In the end We all had to go to the hall but in our class and we were just watching some video and then the bell ringed and that was for home time.

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